West Virginia University Internal Audit Office

External Audit Oversight

It is the responsibility of WVU departments, regional campuses, the WVU Research Corporation and its affiliates to notify the WVU Internal Audit Office of impending external audits immediately upon notification from outside agencies. External audits are audits, reviews or inspections performed by non-University federal, state, or private entities that may be conducted for purposes of evaluating compliance with grants, contracts, program activities, financial reports, administrative practices, government regulations or West Virginia State Code.

The WVU Internal Audit Office will conduct or participate in an entrance conference with all external auditors and unit management to review the objectives and scope of the audit prior to the start of audit field work. Unit management will provide day to day support to the auditors. Upon completion of the audit work, the WVU Internal Audit Office will also conduct or participate in an exit conference to discuss audit findings and recommendations, and to verify that the external auditors have obtained sufficient and accurate information to warrant their findings. The WVU Internal Audit Office will also review and advise on all official University audit responses.

Timely notification and oversight of external audit activity will permit the WVU Internal Audit Office to:
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